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Spirit Window | Buddhist inspirations

Yocalm has exclusive UK & EU distribution rights for The Window Channel Network and Coro Health
'The Spirit Window' Channel content.

Providing spiritual and religious continuity from a broad spectrum of traditions, communities, and beliefs. Drawing from over 1,000 hours of prayers, sermons, daily scripture, education, and meditation ensures that the individual receives consistent access to personal, meaningful spiritual and religious support.

Developed under the direction of Coro Health, The Spirit Window is curated by a team of experts, drawn from academic, interfaith and religious communities. The customized offerings provide continuity to the individual within the broader context of the emotional, psychological and behavioral aspects pertinent to personal as well as group beliefs and practices.

Research affirms the wellness community’s conviction of the importance of providing spiritual and religious support With over 30,000 religious denominations in the U.S & UK alone, clergy, chaplains, and healthcare workers can find answering the need daunting. The Spirit Window presents a valuable resource offering inspiration and nurturing when and where it is needed.