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Licensing Demos

Enjoy this selection of Yocalm media. Please contact us for full length videos, the full program library and any other requests you may have.

Ventana Nature and Location samples

Yocalm have exclusive UK & EU and distrubution rights the complete window channel wellness content library.
Also a USA Distribution agreement.

The Ventana Channel modules are catalogued to meet a variety of needs for total relaxation and wellbeing. Select the modules appropriate for your facility or license the entire Ventana Channel for the best value.

Ventana Channel programs feature between 10 and 20 carefully selected HD ‘windows’ (each window is three- to five-minutes in length) creating a soothing and relaxing retreat from everyday distractions. Developed under the direction of leading healthcare institutions, programs are cataloged by theme, tempo and therapeutic practice. For a completely immersive experience programs are accompanied by their naturally occurring sounds recorded on location.