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Licensing Demos

Enjoy this selection of Yocalm media. Please contact us for full length videos, the full program library and any other requests you may have.

Yocalm Channel Intro

The Yocalm Channel featuring world-leading experts from Yoga, Meditation, Energy, Medical and Musical fields. As an on-demand HD program series you have wellness experts at your fingertips, anytime—anywhere.

Yocalm Channel’s captivating and engaging sessions vary from three to 60 minutes—everything from quick, guided breathing sessions that calm the nerves to longer yoga classes that get the blood flowing around the body and improve flexibility.

Yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques have been proven by doctors and medical experts to calm brainwaves, reduce the heart rate and allow the endocrine system to relax. The adrenal glands get a chance to recover too. These all support the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn helps the body control stress and hormone levels.

Let the Yocalm Channel empower you to control emotions. Understanding that the breath can control the mind, which in turn controls the body, can have an astounding effect on people, giving them a deeper understanding of themselves and their bodies.